Sanitation Services

Clearstream Water Treatment System

Turks & Caicos Sanitation Ltd. provides sewage treatment services, with the Clearstream Water Treatment System. The system provides a proper environment for aerobic bacteria and other microorganisms which convert incoming sewage into clear, odorless and organically stable water, through the process of aeration and clarification. The discharge from the Clearstream System can help prevent pollution problems in underground water supplies or surface waters. It has a simple, compact design, making it easy to install and maintain, while also using very little electricity.

Portable Toilet Servicing

Turks & Caicos Sanitation Ltd. will service portable toilets by removing the waste from them and cleaning the interior and exterior. We also haul, unload, and place them in the desired area, taking care of the grunt work. When they are no longer needed, we will pick them up and clean them out for reuse.

Septic Tank Pumping

It is recommended that your septic tank be pumped every three to five years. If possible, locate the septic tank for us, but if you are unable to, we will locate and uncover the septic tank as part of our service. Turks & Caicos Sanitation Ltd. will come in and remove all scum and solids from the tank by pumping it out and emptying the tank. The material is discharged into a drain field. This process takes several hours, so be prepared. However, it is better to schedule this service as part of maintenance than to avoid it and end up with an emergency situation.

Drain Fields

Septic drain fields are used to remove contaminants and impurities from septic tank liquid. This field consists of an arrangement of trenches containing perforated pipes and porous material such as gravel covered by a layer of soil to protect animals from it. Turks and Caicos Sanitation Ltd. cleans, maintains, and builds drain fields to accommodate the sanitation needs of homes and businesses.

System Maintenance

  • We have full-time service VAC-pump trucks in the field staffed by quality service technicians
  • We specialize in empty & cleaning/sanitize by using power wash and bleach
  • We offer service contracts and we will service your system for a reasonable fee
  • We keep very detailed records of your system that we can access at any time

System Repairs

  • Determine the type of the system/tank and structural integrity
  • Check the proper installation of each various connection
  • Tank repair or replacement

Grease Trap Cleaning

We can clean any of your grease traps to empty the contents so it is ready for future use.  First, we remove the lid with a pry bar and inspect the parts. We then measure how much grease is in the trap and pour off any standing water into a bucket. We also use a bucket and tools to scoop and scrape the solids from the trap. When nothing but a residue remains, we scrub the lids, sides, and parts with soap and water and then reassemble the clean trap.

Pump Installation and Maintenance

Turks & Caicos Sanitation Ltd. will install sump pumps in new facilities or replace old ones and also perform necessary maintenance to keep the pumps functioning well.


If you need multiple services done or aren’t sure about what might need servicing, Turks & Caicos Sanitation Ltd. will consult with you about what we see is needed, what we recommend, and go over our pricing.


If you’re moving, starting a new business, or need required inspections done, Turks & Caicos Sanitation Ltd. will come out and inspect any sanitation device or area to ensure it is up to code or diagnose any problems. We will then inform you of the results of our inspection and go over the next steps with you.